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什么是功能表达? [复制]
原标题:What really is a function expression? [duplicate]

如果功能表述涉及储存地的变数中的功能价值,或者实际上只是功能价值? 那么,总是会看到“功能表述”一词指整个功能。

const funcExp = function(){console.log("Hello World!")};


function(){console.log("Hello World!")}

如果你问我,我会说,功能表达只是功能价值本身,而这种作用基本上是一种单纯的匿名功能,那么就没有了。 i 可能是错误的。 您是否真的认为,将这一匿名职能称为不知会吗?

const funcExp = function(){console.log("Hello World!")};

i mean in some way already has a name, not directly as part of the function value, but as part of the variable in where its stored, so i don t know i just want to know what really is a function expression, the whole variable creation initialized with a function value or only that function value, if the first turns to be true then how do we call this type of function values function(){console.log("Hello World!")}? function expression also?; thanks.



从技术上讲,只有<代码>功能(>){console.log(“Hello World>>>>>>>部分功能表述。 左侧是可变的声明。 但是,人们有时会用“功能表达”这一整个事物,将其与“功能声明”区分开来。 例如,作为独立的一线,以下是功能声明:

function func() {console.log("Hello World!")};

Btw, if you re interested in the technical names of the various bits of syntax, i recommend playing around with https://astexplorer.net/ . You can paste in javascript and it will show a tree structure of what the various pieces of code are

i could be wrong but.. do you really don’t think that would be strange to call this an anonymous function?:

由于你立即将其分配给一个名为<代码>funcExp的变量,实际上它确实有一个名字。 例如,尝试如下:

const funcExp = function(){console.log("Hello World!")};

因此,我个人不会使用“匿名功能”这一术语,因为它是以姓名为最终。 如果你不把它分配给一个变量,那么它就获得一个名字,然后是<>。 匿名:

function logName(fn) {

logName(function(){console.log("Hello World!")})

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