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如何处理以前删除的顺序交易编号,以便它们能够继续按顺序在维也纳国际中心的MSESS数据库中。 NET
原文:How to handle sequential transaction numbers that were previously deleted so they can remain sequential in MS ACCESS database in Dapper with VB.NET

How to call previously deleted sequential transaction numbers in the MS ACCESS database in Dapper with VB.NET? Below is the transaction number that I deleted previously: Invno DEPT-ITI-1023-00002 ...

• 如何在压缩机箱中实现自动电气化,填入一个文本箱,并在使用VB的javascript为基础的网站上提交一个子。 NET和WebView?
原文:How to auto-select in a combo box, populate a textbox, and submit a button on a javascript-based website using VB.NET and WebView?

使用VB。 互联网、视像基础和网上通话,我试图说明如何使 com子项目的选定自动化,如何储存一个文本箱,然后如何点击一个提交纽州。 ......