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React Hook “useGetCatalogueDataByIdQuery”有条件地被称作。 处置 每一组成部分必须按完全相同的顺序排列。
原标题:React Hook "useGetCatalogueDataByIdQuery" is called conditionally. React Hooks must be called in the exact same order in every component render


const GeneralInfoForm = ({ currentStep, setCurrentStep }: GeneralInfoFormValues) => {
  const user = getCurrentUser();
  const dispatch= useAppDispatch()
  // Mutation hook for adding catalogue info
  const [addCatalogueInfoMutation, { isLoading }] = useAddCatalogueInfoMutation();
  const CatalogueIdFromStore=useAppSelector((state)=>state.catalogueId.id)
  const { data} = CatalogueIdFromStore && useGetCatalogueDataByIdQuery({ catalogueId:CatalogueIdFromStore,queryParams:   });
  console.log(data,"from general info")


React Hook "useGetCatalogueDataByIdQuery" is called conditionally. React Hooks must be called in the exact same order in every component render.eslintreact-hooks/rules-of-hooks
(alias) useGetCatalogueDataByIdQuery<UseQueryStateDefaultResult<QueryDefinition<any, BaseQueryFn<FetchArgs, BaseQueryApi, DefinitionType>, "brand" | "draftsTask" | "allEmployees", any, "baseApi">>>(arg: any, options?: (UseQuerySubscriptionOptions & UseQueryStateOptions<...>) | undefined): UseQueryHookResult<...>
import useGetCatalogueDataByIdQuery



不用有条件地使用<代码>useGetCatalogueDataById Query,而只是添加一个附带参数,有条件地实施其逻辑。

  const { data } = useGetCatalogueDataByIdQuery({ catalogueId: CatalogueIdFromStore, queryParams:    }, {
    skip: !CatalogueIdFromStore

在<条码>中 <代码>skip 价值和执行逻辑取决于此。

export const useGetCatalogueDataByIdQuery = (param1, param2) => {
  if (!param2) {
     // your logic

你再次碰到的错误是,你根据CatalogueIdFromStore的价值,有条件地称使用GetCatalogueDataById Query。 必须无条件、按同样顺序,要求一切行为,以确保行为一致,避免ug。


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