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RTOS on Attiny85, 8 bit MCU. 是可能的?
原标题:RTOS on Attiny85, 8 bit MCU. is it possible?

everyone, i am working with attiny85 using Arduino ide. Recently i was learning about rtos. I want to ask if it possible to run rtos attiny85 microcontroller? according to my knowledge it may be possible using some other techniques? but not specifically rtos. Am i right or not. is it possible or not, if not then is there any other way to run two or more tasks at the same time with out blocking the code?

一段时间后,我使用时光会打断。 现在想要的是另一个任务,使用小范围85


是的,有可能在Attiny85运行一个RTOS。 RTOS的所有需求都是一个数据结构,可以代表每个线上和相互之间交换的方式。

Here is an illustrative version of an RTOS that fits into even an ATTINY25 if it must... http://www.femtoos.org/

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