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原标题:can t able to convert axmschart as bitmap.(vb.net)

i 正在实施一项从vb6移至vb.net的项目。 在与“晶体”报告合作时,问题就在于此。 实际上,我不得不在报告中印出我的申请。 因此,我正在使用以下法典:

  gtmpString = Application.StartupPath & gsGraphPicPath

    Dim myPic As New Bitmap(_chtAnlysGraph_0.AsBitmap)     ERROR here...as bitmap is                   not a member of AXMSCHART        
    PictureBox1.Image = myPic
    PictureBox1.Image.Save(gtmpString, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Png)

    Dim intCount As Short
    Dim dRow As DataRow
    Dim dTable As New DataTable
    Dim dt As New DataSetResults.AnalysisTableDataTable  Report filling 

    dTable = dt.Copy
    dRow = dTable.NewRow
    For intCount = 1 To msgAnlysData.Rows - 1
        dRow = dTable.NewRow
        dRow.Item("Sr_No") = msgAnlysData.get_TextMatrix(intCount, 1)
        dRow.Item("abs_val") = msgAnlysData.get_TextMatrix(intCount, 2)
        dRow.Item("pt_conc") = msgAnlysData.get_TextMatrix(intCount, 3)
        dRow.Item("lin_conc") = msgAnlysData.get_TextMatrix(intCount, 4)
        dRow.Item("poly_conc") = msgAnlysData.get_TextMatrix(intCount, 5)
         If gtmpString = True Then
        gtmpString = Application.StartupPath & gsGraphPicPath
        dRow.Item("graph1") = savepic(gtmpString)
          End If
        If msgAnlysData.get_TextMatrix(intCount, 2) = Nothing Then

        End If
    Next intCount


Dim myPic As New Bitmap(_chtAnlysGraph_0)

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