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有可能强行实施。 NET dll在32个轨道过程中运行,像64个轨道过程?
原标题:Is it possible to force a .NET dll running in a 32 bit process to act like a 64 bit process?


We have a .NET DLL that is being called from our VB6 application. The VB6 app runs in a 32 bit process so the DLL runs in the same process (it s compiled as any cpu) Therefore when I do my ODBC Database access in the DLL is will only use a 32 bit driver, as this is what it thinks it needs (for the record the DB is Pervasive PSQL)


因此,有办法强行实施。 NET DL在64个轨道操作过程中运行(由于不允许为COM Interop登记而做为x64的t工作)

此时此刻,这必然是一个问题,因为我可以安装32台轨道驱动器,但在未来某个时候,我可以想象,可能无法提供32台轨道驱动器,因此,我会站起 prove。


任何32个轨道处理过程都不可能像64个轨道一样。 我认为实现这一目标的最佳方式是利用2个进程。

  1. The VB6 application which is running in 32 bit mode and loading your DLL
  2. A 64 bit process which actually accesses the driver.

利用以下几种不同选择进行32至64个轨道过程的交流: 我们在此想到的是世界妇联。



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