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使用 arima 预测但显示 Python 错误
原标题:Prediction using arima but showing error in Python

用来预测商店销售量的阿利马模型 使用Stats models.tsa.arima. model. Arima模型来预测商店销售量

from statsmodels.tsa.arima.model import ARIMA
from datetime import datetime

# fit model
model = ARIMA(ts, order=(1,0,1)) 
model_fit = model.fit()

# predict
start_index = datetime(2024, 1, 1)
end_index = datetime(2024, 5, 1)
# model_fit.predict(start=start_index, end=end_index)
forecast = model_fit.predict(start = "2024-01-01", end = "2024-05-01")

However, it just shows ValueError: Prediction must have `end` after `start`. Is there anyone having the same issue as well?

ts is a dataframe with two columns, date(index, from 2021/01/01 to 2024/05/02) and gmv

date          gmv
2021-01-01    155629555
2021-01-02    161346990
2024-01-01    192776022
2024-05-01    207816942
2024-05-02    217788026

确保正确定义 t 和日期范围。 在此情况下, 您需要以与时间序列索引兼容的格式为预测函数提供起始和结束参数 。

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